• Technical support targeting national networks and the establishment of adequate policies for key populations;
  • Supported the creation of national networks in Yemen and Jordan;
  • Improved coordination and networking among CSOs in the region;
  • Built capacities of CSOs in the region;
  • Ensured representation of CSOs in several events and regional and international meetings;
  • Better participation of women and people living with HIV.
  • Coordinated the research and advocacy project: "Enhancing access to services and policy dialogue on HIV and men who have sex with men (MSM)“at regional level. A project initiated by the International Alliance against HIV / AIDS, in partnership with: UNAIDS, UNDP, civil society organizations in Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia.

In collaboration with its partners, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and UNAIDS, RANAA held two sub-regional training sessions in the MENA region focused on “Management and Leadership in CSOs”.

The Network’s Secretariat gathered information from member CSOs regarding their needs and matters of interest by partaking in technical visits to various cities.

Based on these findings, RANAA, with the support of UNAIDS and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, organized technical field visits for

10 members of MENA countries.