Board Members

RANAA’s Board consists of 7 members elected by the General Assembly taking into consideration the geographic distribution, the gender and the representation of PLHIV.

6 out of the 7 members were re-elected at the last RANAA General Assembly which took place in Hammamat, Tunis December 5-7, 2012


Name: د . محمد حازم بقلة
Position: عضو في مجلس ادارة الرانا - سوريا
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حائز على شهادة في الطب البشري من جامعة دمشق في 1986 وحائز على شهادة الإختصاص في أمراض وجراحة الأذن والأنف والحنجرة.

يشغل الدكتور بقلة حالياً منصبي مدير الخدمات الطبية لمنظمة الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري / المركز الرئيسي منذ عام 2008 ورئيس لجنة الصحة والمستوصفات في فرع دمشق لمنظمة الهلال الأحمر العربي / فرع دمشق منذ عام 2010  كما عيّن رئيس لآلية التنسيق الوطنية (Country Coordinating Mechanism “CCM”) منذ عام 2012.

عمل كطبيب أخصائي في أمراض وجراحة الأذن والأنف والحنجرة في مشافي وزارة الدفاع عامي 1990 - 1992 .


Name: Elie Aaraj
Position: President - Lebanon
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Mr. Elie Aaraj has been working in the field of HIV/AIDS and harm reduction since 1987, when he founded a local Lebanese organisation “Soins Infirmiers et Développement Communautaire (SIDC)” which began with an in-home nursing programme during the civil war, and expanded to work on HIV/AIDS and drugs projects in the following years.
Mr. Aaraj completed his Master’s degree in Community Health at the Saint Joseph University, Lebanon, after having received a B.Sc in Nursing at the Lebanese University in 1982. Having qualified as a nurse, he worked in two hospitals in Lebanon, before becoming the Director of the Nurse-Aid Technical School at Hayek Hospital, Beirut, a post which he held for two years, before he founded SIDC.


Name: Majed Mohammad Mustafa Alloush
Position: RANAA Board Member - Palestine
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Mr. Alloush holds an M.A. in Psychological Counseling from the College of Education/Jerusalem University .

He has been the Chairman at Al_Sadiq AI-Taieb Association for the treatment and Rehabilitation of Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Jerusalem since its establishment 1986 and currently holds the position of General Director of Al-Sadiq AI-Taieb Association's Board of Directors Deputy Director of the Union of Charitable Societies (NGO's) since 2001.


Name: Nawel Bahlouli Lahouel
Position: Membre du Bureau Exécutif - Algeria

Militante dans le domaine de VIH Sida, Mme Bahlouli a suivi plusieurs formations en fonction d’animatrice auprès des jeunes en matière de prévention contre les IST/SIDA et de formateur Médiatrice Associatif.

En plus de son poste en tant que Chef de projets à L’association El Hayet en Algérie depuis 2007, Mme Bahlouli est Médiatrice auprès ONUSIDA pour l’alerte de rupture d’ ARV.


Name: Azzouz ETTOUSSI
Position: Membre du Bureau Exécutif - Maroc
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Dr. ETTOUSSI a reçu deux doctorats en psychologie de l’étude et en leadership et groupes de travail après son DEA en Psychologie de la personnalité.
Marié, à 3 enfants.

Il a occupé plusieurs postes depuis 1998 dont : conseiller du Ministre de la Santé- chargé des relations avec le parlement, Conseiller du Ministre des Pêches Maritimes, Professeur et Enseignant a l’institut royale et a l’ Ecole Nationale Supérieure (ENS), entre Casablanca et Fès.


Name: Mohamed Ridha KAMOUN
Position: Board Member – Tunisia
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Professor Kamoun holds an MD from the Medical School in Tunis, specializing in Dermatology. He also holds an Immunology and STI Certificates from Paris, France.

His impressive professional and academic experience spans over 25 years which includes the positions of Professor of Dermatology, Head of the Department of Dermatology at the Charles Nicolle Hospital; Chair of the college of dermatology; In Charge of the Teaching Programme in The Medical School of Tunis and Member of the Arab Board in charge of training.


Name: Dr. Adel N. A. Malek
Position: RANAA Board Member - Egypt
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Dr.Adel Malek received his PhD in public health, majoring in Epidemiology from High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University – 1999. He also holds a diploma in child health from Alexandria University as well as an MBCh B from Alexandria School of Medicine.

With an extensive professional experience on HIV/AIDS–related intervention programs and researches, both at national and international levels, his remarkable career involved consultancy assignments with the World Health Organization Geneva / WFP / UNAIDS; 10 years in East Africa (Zambia) at a senior post, under the Arab league fund for technical aid to African countries/ WHO; with the Food Aid Program (FAP) / WFP/ UNAIDS and with Caritas Egypt, Alexandria office and Egyptien National Network Against AIDS "ENNAA".