RANAA works on strengthening the role of its networks and their members by providing technical support and capacity building in various organizational and thematic areas.

Additionally, RANAA works on ensuring that PLHIV and Key Populations (KPs) attain their health rights, live in dignity, and have access to support, treatment, and care. This is done through: Networking and coordination, Regional advocacy interventions, technical assistance, and capacity building, and conducting research and developing studies. RANAA’s aim is to have a strong civil society in the MENA region working collectively to reach zero new HIV/AIDS incidence, low mortality rates, and to ensure that health rights for KPs and PLHIV are attained.

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A strong active civil society in the MENA region working collectively on HIV/AIDS towards having no new incidents, reaching low rate of mortalities, and ensuring the rights of PLHIV to live in dignity and have access to support, treatment & care.


RANAA works to strengthen the role of the civil society in limiting the spread of HIV/AIDS in the MENA region, including those working with most at risk populations (MARPs), and ensuring the rights of PLHIV to live in dignity and have access to support, treatment & care, through enabling its members and providing them technical support, acting as a regional hub for and on civil society that works on HIV/AIDS and assuring their representation through networking at the regional and international levels.

Our Strategic Orientations:

- Member Enabler (capacity building): providing tools, resources, and skills to develop the capacities of civil society in the field of HIV/AIDS
- Regional Hub (technical assistance): Technical resource hub for its members and civil society organization working on HIV/AIDS while providing resources for advocacy and awareness
- Representing and bridging (networking): represents MENA in regional and global forums working on connecting academic, government institutions, funding agencies, and other types of organizations with members of the network. RANAA organizes activities that aim to bridge between CSOs, governmental institutions, national networks, and funding agencies.


General Public, specifically KPs : Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM), Sex Workers (SW), People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
RANAA collaborates with various partners to reach out to other at Risk Populations